Archiving EMR Data for Accessibility and Compliance

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As healthcare organizations face increasing data retention and control requirements, they are realizing the business value of patients’ historical medical data. This rapid progression of healthcare IT demands has created a challenging environment for the use of medical data archiving today. Managing these changing IT requirements can be expensive and inefficient. Disparate data results in organizations faced with significant challenges when implementing processes to manage this growth while also satisfying regulatory compliance requirements and protecting the privacy of patient data. Additionally, providers must meet these escalating needs while faced with spiraling storage, infrastructure and application costs.

Scalable Health’s IntelliMRA with Solix’ Big Data Platform provides enterprise-wide data archiving and management solution that is designed to meet evolving healthcare data growth. A medical record archive solution simplifies the procedures for data archiving, backup and recovery per mandated regulatory requirements. The solution is built keeping in mind the concept of Archive, Retrieve, Analyze, Visualize for EMR / PACS data. Now healthcare organizations can store low-priority data on less expensive storage and ensure that recent information is easily available. Medical record archiving improves utilization, lowers costs and reduces demands on IT. It incorporates best practices for storage and backup of EMRs, medical images and all other types of digital information across the healthcare industry.


  • Up to 98%+ data footprint reduction capabilities
  • Online query access through open standards: ODBC or JDBC
  • Built-in data visualization and report creation to mimic legacy application screens
  • E-discovery API integration, keyword search, and retention management support
  • Integrated metadata discovery, archive validation, and compliance reporting
  • Choice of data repository: Hadoop, RDBMS and Solix ExAPPSBenefits


  • Facilitates information retention
  • Access the data when you need it
  • Controlled and product license costs
  • Long-term compliance and standard-based data access
  • Gain insight and accelerate implementation with discovery
  • Maintain full HIPAA compliance
  • Meet CFR 21 Part 11 requirements

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Archiving EMR Data for Accessibility and Compliance

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