Disparate Data Hinders Outcomes

Today’s healthcare environment is overwhelmed with data. Internal data from EHRs and legacy systems, external patient data generated by IoT and Wearables, and third-party data from disparate sources that manage receivables, approvals, vendors and so much more. In addition, as the patient moves…


Connected Health Science

The healthcare landscape is evolving quickly to be always-on, always connected, always-engaged driving patient experiences, creating efficiencies and delivering intelligence to continue to iterate and innovate. With advances in technologies like 5G coupled with data analytics and machine learning, the resulting intelligence available…


Hearing Health: Driving Member Experience With Intelligence

As our population ages, the healthcare ecosystem is tasked with more and more to meet the needs of this aging demographic. Aging coupled with lifestyle choices results in a full spectrum of diseases and comorbidities impacting our quality of life. Often by the…


Cloud Technology Is Transforming Healthcare

Every day we read about big changes on the healthcare horizon as a result of a variety of technologies enhancing our ability to collect data from a variety of sources including wearables, EMRs, and telemedicine. These changes offer great opportunities for the advancement…


Digital Health Is Changing Mental Health Care

It is estimated that over 40 million Americans suffer from some form of mental illness. Further, over 20% of those seeking treatment are unable to receive it due to a lack of providers, financial considerations, or other barriers. It is estimated that the cost…


Fighting The Opioid Crisis With Artificial Intelligence

According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, in 2016 over 115 million people abused prescription pain meds resulting in more than 42,000 deaths. And the epidemic continues to grow out of control. It is estimated the economic cost of the…


Patient Risk Stratification To Predict, Prioritize And Prevent Risk

The healthcare industry is undergoing a significant paradigm shift from a fee-based model to a Value-Based Care (VBC) model to encourage innovation, quality, and efficiency. In addition, hospitals and other healthcare environments are producing volumes of data beyond the current processing capabilities of…


Advanced Claims Analytics With Big Data

In healthcare insurance, the claim is central to almost all parties involved in patient care. It contains every detail of a patient’s care – the diagnosis, status codes, procedure codes, condition codes, and much more. 80% of all premiums are spent on claims’…


Creating Sustainable Member Engagement

Not that long ago, member experience was not even a consideration for healthcare insurance organizations.  Customers have more options in the marketplace resulting in greater price sensitivity and less stickiness to plans and providers. In the ever-increasing competitive landscape of the global health…


Digital Hospitals: The Future of Acute Care

BIG DATA AND ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE ARE BUILDING A NEW HEALTHCARE LANDSCAPE Advances in digital health are changing the medical landscape. By embracing digital transformations, hospitals are able to grant providers access to real-time patient records coupled population health data enhanced by artificial intelligence…

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