Unlocking Big Data for Population Health Management (PHM)

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From patient-specific to the entire population, healthcare data has the potential to offer valuable insights into population health and health trends. But this information is vast and unstructured and thus cannot be used effectively in its current form. To realize the benefits of big data, the adoption and use of a real-time analytics platform are necessary.

 Unlocking Big Data for Population Health Management (PHM)

When deployed in the healthcare environment, analytical applications discover associations and patterns using the available information and create models and forecasts having the power to save lives, improve care and reduce costs. There is the potential to embrace this ‘power’ and produce results to address real-time requirements. Harnessing these insights – through data modeling and forecasting, real-time analytical tools and applications, and software – brings disparate data together into a coherent format.

When it comes to giving and ensuring quality healthcare to large, categorized, or varied population, it takes both clinical and operational expertise to work in collaboration.  Data analytics of population health concerns enable a constantly improving healthcare system, collaborated networks, and better population health. Real-time analytics tools and software develop data models that enable decision-makers to design and prepare evidence-based solutions that lead to better management of population health in the long run.

The stock market and weather forecasts have demonstrated the benefits of real-time information. For PHM, its potential is limitless. For example – by analyzing lung-related treatments, breathing-related care, and consumption of cigarettes by a certain segment of the population or the whole, healthcare practitioners can predict if there is a potential for the onset of lung cancer. By having this data in real-time, medical institutions and the government can start preventative measures such as anti-smoking campaigns, diet changes, special social programs on awareness to reduce the onset of disease.

Read our white paper which discusses the effectiveness of adoption and use of real-time analytics in population health and how it is now a strategic imperative.

Read the White Paper – Population Health Management

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