Understanding Healthcare’s Big Data Problems

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In today’s competitive healthcare environment, big data has the potential to improve patient outcomes, improve efficiency and reduce costs.  The challenge is many organizations are saddled with ancient legacy systems that create silos of data that are barriers to Digital Health data analysis for actionable insights. Scalable Health addresses this dilemma with a combination of platforms and services that are agnostic to the host data source that allows for technology transformations.

Scalable Health specializes in providing next-generation healthcare data, analytics and digital transformation solutions enabling healthcare organizations to optimize healthcare.

Understanding Healthcare's Big Data Problems

Healthcare data, analytics, and digital transformation solutions

Integrate healthcare data from various sources to improve the quality of care

With EHR implementation, meaningful use, ACO and HIE interoperability, mergers, and interface engine conversion the demand for data integration are endless. Scalable Health Data Integration services help healthcare organizations to quickly ingest, prepare and deliver clinical, patient, financial and operational data from diverse sources, whether on-premises or in the cloud. Leveraging heterogeneous datasets and securely linking them has the potential to improve healthcare by identifying the right treatment for the right individual.

Leveraging big data in the healthcare industry

Scalable Health big data consulting service can help you extract insight from huge volumes of complex datasets to refine the process for engagement with patients, payers, and providers. Our customized, patient-centric service is designed to help healthcare organizations achieve sustainable, clinical driven results in quality, access, cost, and patient satisfaction. We help executives from healthcare systems to understand care models using big data that can enable organizations in improving patient outcomes, and deliver better value.

Align healthcare and IT strategies to make the most out of technology

Scalable Health offers full service IT consulting, addressing not only the technology transformation but equally as important, the impact of new technology on healthcare. Our technology consulting services help healthcare organizations realize value from technology. We provide consulting services to healthcare organizations in the areas of strategic planning, business development, mergers and acquisitions, management and leadership, sales and marketing, and product development.

Digital Health Solutions for tomorrow’s healthcare

At Scalable Health it is not about selling you the latest technology.  It is about listening.  Listening to your organizational needs, goals, and objectives. It’s difficult to plan for the future without a clear understanding of where the healthcare organization stands today. This means identifying and prioritizing organizational needs, assessing your systems and existing data sources to understand what impacts your ability to continually improve outcomes while still keeping an eye on your bottom line.


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