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Digital Health Is Changing Mental Health Care

It is estimated that over 40 million Americans suffer from some form of mental illness. Further, over 20% of those seeking treatment are unable to receive it due to a lack of providers, financial considerations, or other barriers. It is estimated that the cost…


Digital Hospitals: The Future of Acute Care

BIG DATA AND ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE ARE BUILDING A NEW HEALTHCARE LANDSCAPE Advances in digital health are changing the medical landscape. By embracing digital transformations, hospitals are able to grant providers access to real-time patient records coupled population health data enhanced by artificial intelligence…


Enhancing Clinical Trial in the Digital Era with AI

The healthcare industry is itself a universe. Yet, it has been quite slow to embrace the power of data to increase outcomes and realize the potential of today’s digital technologies. Now is the time to bring changes to the healthcare industry. What we…


Digital Health Changes the Hospital Landscape

The adoption of digital transformations will be reflected in a new healthcare landscape. By removing the need for a patient and provider to be in the same location, new care options will be available to service the patient’s needs wherever and whenever they…


Tracking Surgical Outcomes Through Big Data

Under the valued-based care approach, medical practitioners are tasked with improving the healthcare quality while reducing oversized costs in order to focus on what is working and what isn’t. However, doctors and hospitals are dependent on collecting clinical information through a system of…


Digital Health Transformation

Helping Convergence Of Digital Transformation And Health Technology To Improve Healthcare Quality And Outcomes. Scalable Health specializes in providing next-generation healthcare data, analytics and digital transformation solutions enabling healthcare organizations to optimize healthcare. We provide and support healthcare technology solutions that employ next-generation technologies…


Understanding Healthcare’s Big Data Problems

In today’s competitive healthcare environment, big data has the potential to improve patient outcomes, improve efficiency and reduce costs.  The challenge is many organizations are saddled with ancient legacy systems that create silos of data that are barriers to Digital Health data analysis…

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