Impact of Compliance Cloud on Healthcare

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Cloud computing, which has taken many industries by storm, is beginning to transform the healthcare industry as well. Providers were previously challenged by the lack of complete patient data. In addition, the limited patient data that was available often took hours to access. Thanks to Big Data and the Cloud, it can now be accessed in real-time. Further, Patients are empowered to manage their own care by accessing their health information, insurance policy information and researching doctors on their smartphones. A digital evolution is occurring in healthcare thanks to the Cloud and the industry might never be the same.

Impact of Compliance Cloud on Healthcare

Unfortunately, this digital evolution occurring in healthcare has a downside for companies that must comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act or HIPAA. Among the provisions of the 1996 law are requirements for healthcare providers and insurance companies to protect patient information. The new guidelines have made achieving and maintaining HIPAA compliance even more of a challenge for American companies. HIPAA-compliant electronic transactions are only one of many readiness considerations. According to the Ponemon Institute’s recent Benchmark Study on Patient Privacy and Data Security, about 94% of HCOs have experienced at least one data breach over the last two years; thus maintaining HIPAA compliance becomes more significant than ever!

The primary difficulty with Cloud Computing and healthcare is that patient records are virtually floating on the web, available for any hacker or otherwise shady character to access. Patients worry that their personal information will be stolen; companies worry about the effects data breaches will have on their reputation and their bottom line.

With the healthcare reform demanding organizations to share patient healthcare information with external stakeholders through HIEs, portals, secure messaging, EDI, and private exchanges, security compliance has taken on new meaning. Safeguarding security and confidentiality of a patient’s healthcare data has been the utmost priority of healthcare providers. One of the best ways to ensure confidential information and data is the use of Cloud Computing for healthcare records.

Establishing a good relationship with your vendors handling PHI is also essential—neither your company nor the third party wants to be in violation of HIPAA compliance, and your combined efforts will go a long way in minimizing that risk. Many healthcare providers and plans are now turning their attention to ICD-10. ICD-10 adoption not only drives your organization’s compliance but enables you to take control of the situation to identify and introduce improvements that will generate value for you and your external stakeholders. Simultaneously, healthcare providers have migrated to electronic management of patient-protected health information, bringing the security of PHI to the forefront. Subscribing to a cloud solution for storing and sharing huge data files involved in medical imaging can save hospitals, physicians, and other organizations in the healthcare value chain heavy up-front investments in high-capacity systems, while also boosting speed and efficiency. They can also offer an increased ability to ensure security compliance and help meet data residency needs. Providers offer interoperability, portal, secure messaging, HIPAA privacy and security and analytic solutions to enable your organization’s compliance.

The future of the healthcare industry on the cloud has arrived. Effective vendor risk management can help make that future success.


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