Digital Health Changes the Hospital Landscape

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The adoption of digital transformations will be reflected in a new healthcare landscape. By removing the need for a patient and provider to be in the same location, new care options will be available to service the patient’s needs wherever and whenever they arise. The result will be more patients receiving treatments locally in out-patient or home environments. Patients will have more control over their personal data and play a greater role in care decisions. This, in turn, will lead to greater care outcomes, enhanced operational efficiencies, and the reduction of overall costs.

In response to this shift, the hospital landscape will significantly change.  Services will be shifted to meet the needs of the patient where they are.  Providers will use tools like teleconferencing and tablets to communicate directly with patients and confer with specialists worldwide.  Wearables will allow for remote monitoring and reduce the need for extending in-patient recoveries. Healthcare data will follow the patient, instead of being housed in remote legacy data silos, so that any provider will have complete real-time access to patient histories for better care outcomes.

Digital Health Changes the Hospital Landscape


They are becoming more engaged with providers, researching treatment options on their smartphones, and expecting to be treated in a manner and an environment of their choosing, most likely outside the traditional hospital environment. Advances in digital health options let them FaceTime with doctors from their tablets, email, and text with providers and consult with specialists without having to travel great distances. These and many other digital advances contribute to the better overall patient experience.

Advances in digital health are changing the medical landscape. By embracing digital transformations, hospitals are able to grant providers access to real-time patient records coupled with population health data enhanced by artificial intelligence offering greater insights for improved patient outcomes.

Digital Hospitals: How Hospitals Are Going Be Changed In Future By Being Digital

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