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Disparate Data Hinders Outcomes

Today’s healthcare environment is overwhelmed with data. Internal data from EHRs and legacy systems, external patient data generated by IoT and Wearables, and third-party data from disparate sources that manage receivables, approvals, vendors and so much more. In addition, as the patient moves…


Connected Health Science

The healthcare landscape is evolving quickly to be always-on, always connected, always-engaged driving patient experiences, creating efficiencies and delivering intelligence to continue to iterate and innovate. With advances in technologies like 5G coupled with data analytics and machine learning, the resulting intelligence available…


The Promise of Big Data in Diabetes Management

Diabetes is a major public health issue affecting more than 400 million people worldwide. In 2012 diabetes was the direct cause of 1.5 million deaths and high blood glucose was the cause of another 2.2 million deaths according to the World Health Organization…


Digital Health Changes the Hospital Landscape

The adoption of digital transformations will be reflected in a new healthcare landscape. By removing the need for a patient and provider to be in the same location, new care options will be available to service the patient’s needs wherever and whenever they…


Emergence of Healthcare Data Lake

The advancements of digital transformation have arrived at such a time when healthcare organizations are working their way around to improve the efficiency of their electronic health record (EHR). Thus, healthcare organizations need to discover new ways to detect at-risk patients, reduce adverse…


Cognitive Computing: Healthcare’s Next Big Wave

The potential of cognitive computing is driving investment and interest in the field of technology and its application applies all over: for instance, it has empowered self-directed vehicles, marketers are utilizing it to better comprehend and focus on their audiences, and investors are…


Big Data: The Platform Evolution Redefining Healthcare

Healthcare providers are faced with a multifaceted market where medical costs have risen quickly while margins and reimbursements have fallen to new lows. These dramatic changes have created many challenges: rising regulatory requirements, lower reimbursements, healthcare reforms, and global competition, which leads to…


The Missing V in Big Data for Healthcare

By now, it’s almost impossible to not have come across the term “Big Data.” A simple Google search will show how this term has exploded over the last few years and has become inevitably pervasive in the public consciousness. Big Data is here…


Digital Health Transformation

Helping Convergence Of Digital Transformation And Health Technology To Improve Healthcare Quality And Outcomes. Scalable Health specializes in providing next-generation healthcare data, analytics and digital transformation solutions enabling healthcare organizations to optimize healthcare. We provide and support healthcare technology solutions that employ next-generation technologies…


Improving Healthcare and Patient Outcomes Through Connected Devices

According to ABI Research, the mHealth wearables market is expected to grow 400% in the next 5 years. mHealth IoT includes wearables for use in and out of the hospital allowing doctors to remotely monitor the health of their patients. Devices include blood…

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