Big Data is Changing Outcomes in Diabetes Care

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Diabetes is also one of the most expensive challenges facing the healthcare industry today. 20% of all healthcare dollars are spent on diabetes care representing an annual cost of 825 billion dollars. 9.1 million Americans or 9.3% of the population have diabetes. An additional 1.4 million patients are diagnosed with diabetes every year.

85-90% of diabetes cases are type 2. Type 2 diabetes is primarily lifestyle-related (obesity, diet, sedentary) and studies have shown that small changes in exercise, diet, and weight loss can be up to 60% effective in offsetting the advances in the disease. This represents a huge potential for value-based care models in preventing disease, better patient outcomes, reduced hospitalization, and overall healthcare savings.

Big Data is Changing Outcomes in Diabetes Care

mHealth wearables allow for real-time data collection and transmission to care teams. Changes in key indicators trigger notifications to the care team allowing for intervention or changes in treatment options. Patients are able to adopt healthier lifestyle choices know to reduce the advancement of the disease and other comorbidity factors, thus enjoying greater wellness and reduced treatment needs.

Healthcare providers are able to closely monitor patients and their progression allowing them to
intervene earlier to offset disease progression. Healthcare organizations benefit from fewer patients advancing to type 2 diabetes resulting in lower healthcare costs. And finally, from a population health perspective, health care professionals gain greater insights into diabetes triggers and can design wellness programs to offset the effects of a disease that will potentially impact 700 million adults worldwide.

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We provide and support healthcare technology solutions that employ next-generation technologies such as Big Data, Social, Mobile, and Cloud to deliver cost-effective real-time platforms and products enabling healthcare organizations to improve healthcare significantly, to manage patients and disease efficiently with personalized care, reduce fraud and waste, accelerate drug development and achieve operational excellence.

Our focus on technology innovation and collaboration with the world’s leading technology companies helps us stay ahead of the curve. With extensive capabilities in healthcare technology, world-class service quality and a global resource base, Scalable Health understands industry specific challenges. Our value lies in our ability to link the best technology solution to complex business challenges in the most cost-effective and innovative way.

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