AI for Precision Medicine

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Recent scientific and technological advances coupled with an aging population, expansion in the emerging markets, and an exponential increase in mainstream adoption of digital technologies have set the ball rolling for the pharma industry, providing it with a renewed platform to revive its pipeline.

AI for Precision Medicine

With an explosion of digital data – electronic health records, social media, genomics, clinical, wearables – today’s patients are more digitally engaged in their personal care. And the more drug companies know about their patients, the greater the targeting opportunities for precision healthcare, including personalized medicines. As a result, the pharma industry is well-positioned to derive great benefits from an integrated drug development and manufacturing approach supported by AI.

This approach provides the best care for patients and generates greater efficiencies along with significant revenue opportunities for drug companies. Furthermore, there is a significant shift in focus to value-based care is from the healthcare industry. Healthcare providers are incentivized to engage in wellness programs, including preventative drug regimens for cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. However, this shift of value-based care approach to personalized healthcare requires a complete refocus on how the industry evaluates the market (shifting to individual needs instead of a population-wide solution), analyzes higher volumes of data, and puts in place newer processes and methods to complete clinical studies.

Artificial Intelligence plays a crucial role in enabling the industry to achieve these objectives, be it analytics in personalized medicine, cloud computing in collaboration, or wearable devices in remote and self-health monitoring. As the pharmaceutical industry becomes increasingly more connected, information and communication technologies will fundamentally reshape both the consumption and delivery of medications. The industry must prepare for the future by embracing next-generation technologies and systems throughout the life sciences value chain.

Pharmaceutical companies must adopt a proactive strategy, one that allows them to maximize the value from prior investments by renewing existing solutions and processes and generate new value by embracing new technologies, systems, and best practices.


Unlock the future of drug intelligence

From commercial excellence to faster clinical trials, embrace big data, and unlock its power to boost drug development, manage a sales force, and monetize marketing initiatives.

Scalable Health specializes in providing next-generation healthcare data, analytics, and digital transformation solutions enabling healthcare organizations to optimize healthcare.

We provide and support healthcare technology solutions that employ next-generation technologies such as Big Data, Social, Mobile, and Cloud to deliver cost-effective real-time platforms and products enabling healthcare organizations to improve health care significantly, to manage patients and diseases efficiently with personalized care, reduce fraud and waste, accelerate drug development and achieve operational excellence.

Our focus on technology innovation and collaboration with the world’s leading technology companies helps us stay ahead of the curve. With extensive healthcare technology capabilities, world-class service quality, and a global resource base, Scalable Health understands industry-specific challenges. Our value lies in our ability to link the best technology solution to complex business challenges most cost-effectively and innovatively. Headquartered in New Jersey, we are a Minority Certified company by the National Minority Supplier Development Council and State of New Jersey, with operations in the USA, Europe, and Asia.

AI for Precision Medicine


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